• Hire Tempo Traveller For Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Yatra

    Hire Tempo Traveller For Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Yatra

    Kedarnath Jyotirlinga is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site located in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas and is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva. The temple is situated at an altitude of 3584 meters, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, making it a must-visit destination for spiritual seekers and nature lovers alike.

    History and Significance of Kedarnath temple

    According to Hindu mythology, Kedarnath is the place where Lord Shiva granted a boon to the Pandavas, allowing them to seek salvation. The temple is believed to have been constructed in the 8th century AD by Adi Shankaracharya. The temple has a unique architecture that blends with the surrounding natural beauty, and it is considered one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism.

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    Hire Tempo Traveller For Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Yatra

    How to reach Kedarnath temple?

    Kedarnath temple is located in the Himalayan range and can only be reached through trekking or helicopter services. The nearest airport is in Dehradun, which is approximately 240 km away from the temple. The nearest railway station is in Rishikesh, which is well-connected to major cities in India. From Rishikesh, one can take a taxi or bus to reach the base camp at Gaurikund. From Gaurikund, one has to trek 16 km to reach the temple.

    Best time to visit Kedarnath temple

    The best time to visit Kedarnath temple is during the summer months from May to June and September to October. The weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges from 15C to 20C, making it ideal for temple visits and trekking. The temple is open from early morning till late evening, and it is advisable to visit the temple during the early morning hours to avoid crowds.

    Accommodation near Kedarnath temple

    There are many options for accommodation near Kedarnath temple, ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts. The temple trust also provides dormitory facilities for devotees at a nominal cost. It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially during the peak yatra season.

    Tempo Traveller in Udaipur for Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Yatra

    Tempo Traveller in Udaipur for Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Yatra

    If you are planning a trip to Kedarnath Jyotirlinga from Udaipur, renting a tempo traveller rental in Udaipur for Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Yatra is an excellent option for transportation. Tempo traveller rental in Udaipur is readily available and can accommodate up to 12-16 people, making it an ideal option for a group tour. The tempo traveller provides a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the journey. Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Yatra is a significant pilgrimage tour for devotees seeking blessings from Lord Shiva. Renting a tempo traveller in Udaipur is an excellent option for transportation for a group tour to the temple. By following necessary precautions and planning your trip in advance, you can have a safe and fulfilling yatra experience.

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    Budget, comfort, safety are the three things that we look at when we want to plan for a leisure trip with our family. If you want a comfortable and safe journey for your family then you can hire a tempo traveller or minibus for your travel. By using Tempo Traveller your transportation cost will be decreased and you will enjoy your journey in a relaxed atmosphere. The service will be provided at your doorstep and no additional waits will be there for further transportation.

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